The Society of Flight Test Engineers 




1. High Angle of Attack Flight Test Fundamentals

Mr. Dave Vanhoy

Technical Director, USAF Test Pilot School

 This course introduces the student to the basics of open-loop and closed-loop aircraft flying qualities and aircraft flight control systems and introduces the test discipline necessary for execution of elevated risk flight testing such as High AOA.

Mr. Vanhoy is the Technical Director at the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) at Edwards AFB. Previous assignments have been as the Performance and Flying Qualities Chief in the 773 Test Squadron and the Flying Qualities Master Instructor at USAF TPS. He is a Flight Test Engineer graduate of USAF TPS Class 94A. His flight test experience includes the X-29 research program, numerous F-16 high angle-of-attack programs including the Multi-Axis Thrust vectoring program, and the JSF X-32 / X-35 competition.