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"El Arenosillo" Test Range: Moving flight testing from Manned Vehicles to UAVs as a Development Excellence Centre

Centro de Experimentación de "El Arenosillo" (CEDEA)
INTA (National Institute for Aerospace Technology)

  "El Arenosillo" test range (INTA/CEDEA) has been for fifty years the official test range for the Spanish Ministry of Defence, in order to support all development programs for military and civil aircraft. According to the needs that have been requested by Industry and Goverment, CEDEA has been a Certification & Qualification test center for Manned Aircrafts and their integration systems. Furthermore, the reange has been used for qualification and quality control by industry for aeronautical development systems. Its customers belong to the Spanish and International Ministries of Defence and main aeronautical Industries.   
  During its history, INTA/CEDEA has implemented a UAV Area to contribute and support these mentioned activities. In parallel, its own development UAVs have been tested in these facilities, getting a wide experience for this area. Currently, taking into account the state of the art, INTA/CEDEA is fully involved in an ambitious expansion project: "Excellence Centre for Unmanned Systems" (CEUS). The aim of this project is to be able to support international projects for new generations of UAVs. Their facilities will accommodate tests for civil and military UAVs in order to compliment the new UAVs design, development test, and scientific studies. These new facilities for CEDEA are supported by Spanish Aeronautical National Strategy to fulfill new experimental requirements from aeronautical industry and scientific community. This new concept for CEDEA means an international reference centre for UAVs tests. In addition, UAV platforms will be permanently based here for flight test & scientific purposes.