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Division Chief, Hill Air Force Base

  This course provides an introduction to UAV missions, payloads, and data links. Course participants will explore the traceability of overall mission requirements as dictated by the total target-to-user signal chain along with specific considerations that include: target electromagnetic emissions, signal propagation through the atmosphere, signal detection by sensor payloads, transmission along data links and presentation of data to the operational user. The course discusses Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) payloads including EO/IR IRLS, LIDAR/LADAR, MSI, HSI, SAR and EW payloads.

  John Minor has 35 years of technical and operational experience. He is an internationally recognized expert on military sensors, systems, and flight test. During his career, Minor served on the technical staff of the Air Force Flight Test Center, the USAF Test Pilot School, Lockheed Martin and the Lockheed Skunk Works® and others. He began his career with the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing as a sensor system specialist on the SR-71 and U-2 aircraft. 
  He has worked on a number of high-value military programs to include the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN), the F/A-18D (RC) Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS), and the RQ-3A TIER III Minus (Darkstar) Low Observable (LO) Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), as well as numerous other classified programs.
  As the USAF Test Pilot School's former Technical Director (2004-2008) and Systems Master Instructor (1999-2003), John was responsible for developing a state of the art curricula and teaching sensors, weapons, systems, electronic warfare, directed energy, and unmanned systems theory, operations, and flight test to the next generation of USAF Test Pilots, Electronic Warfare Officers, and Flight Test Engineers.
  Minor holds BSEE/MSEE degrees from the University of New Mexico/Air Force Institute of Technology. Most recently, John served as Chief of the Systems Engineering Division for the Ogden Air Logistics Center Engineering Directorate. He is currently Division Chief over Workforce Management and Development for over 1300 scientists and engineers at Hill Air Force Base.