The Society of Flight Test Engineers 




Lt. Col. Tim Jorris

Hypersonics CTF Director, Edwards AFB, CA

  Designed for the practicing engineer, this course introduces a series of tools to deal with multiple variables (e.g. weather, target signatures, aircraft profile, mach, altitude, etc.) and their effects on the response variables or metrics. This practical introduction covers experimental strategies including one at a time versus factorial experiments, the Analysis of Variance, regression, and shows how good test design is more important than sophisticated analysis. The graduate will be able to design and analyze simple factorial experiments with up to 6 variables, know what designs to avoid (Taguchi, Plackett-Burman, Orthogonal Arrays), and know when to look for help. The graduate will be able to construct mathematical models of test conditions that cause the response variable to shift location or change its variability. The emphasis throughout is on the mechanics of designing, analyzing, and interpreting this powerful class of test designs. We will use Design Expert ( as our statistics package. Students are highly encouraged to bring a laptop with the either administrative rights to load software or a personal laptop with the 30 day free trial version (see Website) loaded.