The Society of Flight Test Engineers 




7. Crew Resource Management

Mr. Steve Harris

Lockheed Martin Flight Test

   This course is designed to introduce aircrew coordination concepts and procedures, the necessary attitude which recognizes the importance of good aircrew coordination for effective mission accomplishment, and the skills to implement the crew coordination procedures. These topics will be introduced in detail and each topic area will be illustrated to assist the students to understand their interpersonal skills and techniques so that they may adapt them to enhance the crew coordination process. During the discussion of these topics, the mission of flight test is emphasized in the crew coordination process.

  Mr. Harris is a flight test engineer and pilot on the F-35 Flight Test Program. His responsibilities include CRM and Training coordination across the F-35 test sites as well as safety and test planning. A former USAF and commercial pilot, Steve has over 5,000 flight hours in T-37, T-38, Lear 35, C-130, and MD-80 aircraft and is also currently a pilot for the F-35 Cooperative Avionics Test Bed (CATB) 737 aircraft.