The Society of Flight Test Engineers 




8. Flight Test Envelope Expansion

Mr. Bob Barham

Lockheed Martin Technical Fellow

  This course will discuss the concepts for envelope expansion flight testing of new high-perfomance aircraft. Flight test requirements, scheduling, maneuver integration, instrumentation, and data requirements will be presented. Program management impacts to flight test will also be touched on and discussed.  Bob Barham is currently the F-35 Flight Test Operations lead for the F-35 Lightning II fighter in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Barham led flight test operations for first flight of the F-35A and F-35B, managed flight test aircraft modification programs for the F-35 Integrated Test Force, and managed the flight test operations for the accelerated F-22 flight test program to meet program-critical IOC deadline. He was also the lead flight test engineer for the X-35A and X-35B concept demonstrator aircraft flight test program as well as for the the Darkstar UAV flight test operations.
  Mr. Barham has a BS in Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State, 1976, an MS in Aerospace Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1978, and is a USAF Test Pilot School graduate, Class 81A.