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Gulfstream G650 Flight Test Accident


  The crash of the Gulfstream GVI, serial number 6002, during takeoff development testing at Roswell led to, arguably, an unprecedented investigation by the NTSB into, not only the mechanics of the accident, but also the organizational and cultural influences on the flight test operations.  The amount of data available from this accident, as well as the breadth and depth of the analysis performed by both Gulfstream and the NTSB as part of the investigation, led to a very comprehensive report.  As such, this could present a daunting challenge to those hoping to glean the valuable ‘nuts and bolts’ details that would drive the lessons learned home to the broader flight test community.  This paper/presentation attempts to provide some detail, perspective and working-level interpretation of the conclusions and lessons to be learned from the loss of the GVI test aircraft and crew.