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Development Flight Test of a Small Civil Aircraft
The Naraon KC-100

Chan Jo Kim

Flight Test Teams, R&D Division

  This paper is presented onthe flight test program conducted to certify the KC-100 “Naraon” built by KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd) in South Korea. The KC-100 is a small civil airplane developed and flight tested to meet KAS (Korea Airworthiness Standard) part 23 requirements (almost the same as 14 CFR part 23) for Type Certification with the domestic and foreign guidance materials. This airplane is different from the conventional military airplane development projects KT-1, T-50, and KUH, which KAI has already experienced. The KC-100 project is the first challenge for KAI as a civil airplane developed with domestic technology based on all civil regulations and guidance with ROKG’s certification group involvement.
  In this paper, the KC-100’s major characteristics and development program is discussed, including the ground and flight test infrastructures, and the detailed flight test program will be introduced including major test contents and results. The test results along with the lessons learned from the flight test are also described with particular attention to the success of the defined flight test and risk mitigation of airplane development flight test.
  The KC-100 model is classified as a KAS part 23 normal category airplane having four seats, a single Continental Motors, Inc (CMI) TSOIF-550K piston turbocharger engine with FADEC and a maximum takeoff weight of 3,600 lbs. with a composite structure. During the development phase before first flight, several major review meetings and events were held such as PDR in September 2009, CDR in June 2010, 1st airplane Roll-Out in January 2011 and FFRR in April 2011. The flight test program began with the first flight of Airplane No. 1 on 15 July 2011 and completed on 22 March 2013, which was the final certification flight test for data conducted by ROKG’s certification group. TC was issued 28 March 2013 from ROKG based on final TCBM’s review after an intensive test program involving two test airplanes and 559 flight sorties including certification flight test.