The Society of Flight Test Engineers 



Saturday 10.24.15
Worthington Hotel
Rio Grande Ballroom
Dress: Business Casual
Free Parking! (NOT in Hotel)

08.00 > 
FIrst-Ever Missile Shot at 1.2M 7g...What Could Go Wrong?
Maj. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton (M) 
Test Pilot, USAF

08.30 > Development, Testing & Validation of Transport Category Procedures for the
             AW609 Tiltrotor

             Dan Wells (AF), Joe Schaeffer
Test Pilots, AgustaWestland


09.00 >
 Designing, Building, Testing, Flying...and Rebuilding of Aircraft and Rockets 
Ian Marks, Michael Perrino
             Aerospace Engineering Student, University of Texas at Arlington

09.30 > Coffee/Tea Break (Complimentary)

09.45 > Airbus Helicopters Flight Test 
            Denis Hamel
Senior Flight Test Engineer, Airbus Helicopters Inc.

10.15 >
Oklahoma University & Bergey Aerospace High Altitude Reaearch Program (HARP)
Jawanza Bassue & Seth Eilerts
Aerospace Engineering Students, Oklahoma University

10.45 > F-35 Flight Control System
Dan Canin (AF) & Jeff McConnell
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

>Coffee and Taylors of Harrogate Tea Service
>Bread service
  Spinach with Goat Cheese and Candied Pecans Balsamic Vinaigrette
>Trio of Sliders (on every plate)
  1. Beef with Cheddar, Pickle, and Dijonnaise
Turkey with Mozzarella and Honey Mustard
  3. Shredded Pork with Cole Slaw and Mayonnaise
> Desserts  
  1. Strawberry Cheesecake 
  2. Key Lime Pie

Dr. Ralph McNutt 
Pluto New Horizons Co-Investigator

  Dr. McNutt is the chief scientist in the Space Department at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, which he joined in 1992. Dr. McNutt is a co-investigator on NASA's New Horizons (Pluto-Kuiper Belt) mission, a team member of the Cassini Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer investigation and a science team member of two Voyager investigations. He has been involved in a range of space physics research projects and mission studies, including studies of the magnetospheres of the outer planets, the interaction of the solar wind with the interstellar medium, solar neutrinos, and solar probe and interstellar probe missions for the future.
  Dr. McNutt is also the project scientist for the MESSENGER mission, he serves as the principal investigator's "right-hand man" in making sure that the spacecraft, mission design and experiment plan answer all six of the major science questions the project will investigate at the innermost planet. He will participate in analysis of Mercury's surface composition using data from MESSENGER's X-Ray Spectrometer and Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer instruments. 


13.00 > Lockheed Skunk Works Airship
Bill Francis (M)
             Test Pilot, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works 

13.30 > Lessons Learned from the OV-10G+ Combat Dragon II Rapid Warfighter Response (RWR)
             Flight Test Program

             Maj. Jay "Biz" Zarra (M)
Test Pilot, USMC

14.00 > Aviation Logistics Program
             Steve Joiner & Wesley Randall
University of North Texas

14.30 > Coffee/Tea Break (Complimentary)


14.45 >Scaled Composites
            Elliott Seguin (M),  Justin Gillen
     Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer

15.15 > F-35C Carrier Suitability Testing
             Cmdr. Tony "Brick" Wilson (M) 
             F-35 Test Pilot, US Navy

15.45 > T-50, The Future of Advanced Jet Training  Cancelled
             Paul Randall (M)
             LTV XC-142 Tilt Wing
             Erasmo PineroM
             Bell Helicopter

16.15 > Coffee/Tea Break (Complimentary)

16.30 > International Test Pilot School
Bruce RobbM
          ITPS Instructor

17.00 > F-35 Climatic Chamber Testing
             Vic Rodriguez & Eric Faidley
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Open Bar (Beer & Wine) - Sponsored by Bombardier LearJet

Hosted by Phil Hayde
Manager Flight Test Operations and Safety, Bombardier Aerospace