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Research at the USAF Test Pilot School –
Update on Test Management Projects

Technical Director, USAF TPS, Senior Member SFTE Fellow

  The objective of this paper and presentation is to provide a brief overview of the flight test research that has been accomplished in the past year at the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) through various Test Management Projects (TMPs). The paper will describe the overall concept, specific test objectives, provide a brief summary of results, and present any conclusions and recommendations from each TMP.  In addition, the presentation may highlight current and planned TMPs. The TMPs to be specifically addressed are listed below:
1.     Have Posit – Initial evaluation of AUTO Aircraft Collision Avoidance Maneuvers (ACAS) using the NF-16 VISTA aircraft.
2.     Pave Swift – Determination of acoustic patterns and detection range of acoustic sensors to assess their ability to provide early warning and location of small, slow moving airborne targets.
3.     Spinal Tap – Determine the relationship between computed rudder hinge moment coefficient and angle of sideslip for a C-12C Huron.
4.     Have Tron – Determine an ELINT pod’s ability to collect and process radar information in a dynamic aerial environment.
5.     Have Surf – Investigate the performance of an automated camera calibration algorithm to further non-GPS, vision-aided precision weapon navigation.
6.     Have Panic – Compare duty cycle and aggressiveness during a pitch tracking task among three simulators (two ground-based and one inflight – NF-16 VISTA).
7.     Have Dive – Demonstrate ADAPT software’s capability to accurately predict constant flight path angle dive path required to achieve high speed, negative Ps test points.
Have Shakeweight – Compare F-16 LCO characteristics with a dummy Aim-9 in various canard and fin configurations.